I help software development teams to become better and help you get the software that you need.

I help by developing software, as scrummaster, by training and coaching teams and individuals, by engaging in projects and by consulting.

Software development
I have extensive experience with enterprise Java and most popular frameworks (Spring Framework, Hibernate, Wicket, Google Web Toolkit). I design, write and refactor code in a test-driven fashion to create code that is easy to understand and maintain.

Scrum Master
As a scrummaster, I help teams to adopt Scrum to become more successful. This includes the consistent use of retrospectives as a tool for the team to reflect on how it’s doing and find ways to do better. I also help stakeholders outside the development team by showing them how to get the most out of it.

Training and coaching
I provide formal trainings and workshops customized to your needs, about all technologies and frameworks I know about, and introductions to agile software development processes and best practices. I also provide subsequent mentoring and coaching to ensure the new knowledge is applied successfully.

project engagements
Even better is that I can contribute both training and development horsepower when participating in development teams. Closely working with the team and stakeholders provides an ideal environment for a more informal and hands-on style of training and coaching – team-wide or one-on-one. With this approach ad-hoc training sessions, workshops and coaching take place when the need arises.

I provide consultancy in all areas of my expertise.

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